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Precious Metal Compounds

D.F. Goldsmith has become a leading supplier of high-purity precious metal compounds. Our passion for perfection in precious metals positions us as a trusted partner for diverse applications, including electronics, jewelry, medical devices, and industrial processes.

D.F. Goldsmith is an industry leader in producing Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Rhenium, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, and Gold compounds. Inquire today to receive a quote for the compound you require. We guarantee the product will meet your purity specifications. D.F. Goldsmith is also capable of producing custom solutions.

Order Precious Metal Compounds

Part Name

Ruthenium Black
Ruthenium Dioxide, pre-heat
Ruthenium (IV) Oxide anhydrous
Ruthenium Powder -100 mesh
Ruthenium Powder -325 mesh
Ruthenium (III) Chloride anhydrous
Ruthenium (III) Chloride Hydrate
Ruthenium (III) Bromide
Ruthenium (III) Bromide hydrate
Ruthenium (III) Iodide
Rhodium Powder / Sponge -325
Rhodium (III) Chloride Anhydrous (Insoluble)
Rhodium (III) Chloride Hydrate (Soluble)
Rhodium (III) Iodide
Rhodium (III) Oxide Anhydrous
Rhodium (III) Oxide Hydrate
Rhodium (III) Bromide Hydrate
Potassium Tetrachloro Palladate (II)
Tetraammine Palladium (II) Bromide
Sodium Tetrachloro Palladate (II) Anhydrous
Potassium Hexachloro Palladate (IV)
Palladium (II) Sulfate Hydrate
Palladium (II) Oxide Anhydrous
Palladium (II) Nitrate Hydrate
Palladium (II) Chloride
Palladium Black non specific
Palladium (II) Acetate trimer
Palladium on Activated Carbon 5%
Palladium on Activated Carbon 10%
Palladium Powder / Sponge -100 Mesh
Palladium Powder / Sponge -325 Mesh
Silver (I) Acetate Anhydrous
Silver (I) Carbonate
Silver (I) Chloride
Silver (I) Bromide
Silver (I) Fluoride
Silver (I) Iodide
Silver (I) Sulfate
Silver (I) Cyanide
Silver Lactate
Silver (I) Sulfide
Silver Powder type 43
Silver Powder type 25
Silver Powder type 10A
Silver Flake LCP1-19
Silver Flake Type 4300
Silver Powder -60 +80 mesh 99.99%
Silver PerChlorate Anhydrous
Silver (I) Trifluoromethanesulfonate
Iridium Powder
Iridium (III) Chloride Anhydrous
Iridium (IV) Oxide
Iridium (IV) Hydroxide
Ammonium Hexachloro Iridate (IV)
Potassium Hexachloro Iridate (IV)
Sodium Hexabromo Iridate (IV)
Iridium (IV) Chloride Hydrate
Iridium (III) Bromide Hydrate
Platinum Black (Fuel Cell Grade)
Platinum Powder
Platinum (IV) Oxide, Monohydrate
Dihydrogen Hexahydroxy Platinate (IV)
Ammonium Hexabromo Platinate (IV)
Dihydrogen Hexachloro Platinate (IV) Hydrate [“ChloroPlatinic Acid”]
Potassium Hexachloro Platinate (IV)
Platinum (II) Bromide
Platinum (II) Chloride (copy)
Platinum (IV) Oxide[“Adams Catalyst”]
Potassium Tetrachloro Platinate (II)
Platinum (II) Chloride
Potassium Gold Cyanide [“Potassium Dicyano Aurate (I)”]
Gold (I) Iodide
Sodium Gold Thiosulfate Hydrate [Sodium Dithiosulfato Aurate (I)]
Gold (I) Cyanide
Gold (III) Hydroxide
Hydrogen TetrachloroAurate(III) Hydrate [Gold Chloride, ACS; ChloroAuric Acid]
Gold (III) Acetate
Gold (III) Bromide
Gold (III) Sulfide
Potassium Tetrachloro Aurate (III) Hydrate