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Metal Name Purity CAS Formula Product Options
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detailGold79-131Gold (I) Chloride10294-29-8AuCl
detailGold79-008Gold Shot (random size)7440-57-5Au
detailGold79-032Gold Foil / sheet7440-57-5Au thickness:
detailGold76-064Gold Wire7440-57-5Au Diameter :

detailGold79-100Gold (III) Sulfide1303-61-3Au2S3
detailGold79-128Gold (III) Bromide10294-28-7AuBr3
detailGold79-129Gold (III) Acetate15804-32-7Au(02CCH3)3
detailGold79-130Hydrogen TetrachloroAurate(III) Hydrate [“Gold Chloride”, ACS; “ChloroAuric Acid”]16961-25-4HAuCl4.3H2O
detailGold79-196Gold (III) Hydroxide1303-52-2Au(OH)3
detailGold79-228Gold (I) Cyanide506-65-0AuCN
detailGold79-251Sodium Gold Thiosulfate Hydrate [Sodium Dithiosulfato Aurate (I)]10233-88-2Na3[Au(S2O3)2].2H2O
detailGold79-288Gold (I) Iodide10294-31-2AuI
detailGold79-404Potassium Gold Cyanide [“Potassium Dicyano Aurate (I)”]554-07-4KAu(CN)2
detailGold79-516Gold (III) Chloride13453-07-1AuCl3
detailGold76-258Potassium Tetrachloro Aurate (III) Hydrate13682-61-6KAuCl4.5H2O