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Metal Name Purity CAS Formula Product Options
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detailIridium77-192Iridium Powder7439-88-5Ir
detailIridium77-298Iridium (III) Chloride Anhydrous10025-83-9IrCl3
detailIridium77-193Iridium (IV) Oxide12030-49-8Ir02
detailIridium77-297Iridium (IV) Hydroxide30980-84-8Ir(OH)4
detailIridium74-011Ammonium Hexachloro Iridate (IV)16940-92-4(NH4)2IrCL6
detailIridium77-310Potassium Hexachloro Iridate (IV)16920-56-2K2IrCL6
detailIridium77-483Sodium Hexabromo Iridate (IV)28529-99-9Na2IrBr6
detailIridium77-300Iridium (IV) Chloride Hydrate119401-96-6IrCL4.xH20
detailIridium77-311Iridium (III) Bromide Hydrate10049-24-8IrBr3.4H20