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Metal Name Purity CAS Formula Product Options
Qty for
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detailRhodium45-009Rhodium Powder / Sponge -3257440-16-6Rh
detailRhodium45-481Rhodium (III) Chloride Anhydrous (insoluble)10049-07-7RhCL3
detailRhodium45-482Rhodium (III) Chloride Hydrate (soluble)20765-98-4RhCL3.xH2o
detailRhodium45-483Rhodium (III) Iodide15492-38-3RhI3
detailRhodium45-225Rhodium (III) Oxide Anhydrous12036-35-0Rh203
detailRhodium45-227Rhodium (III) Oxide Hydrate123542-79-0Rh203.H20
detailRhodium45-500Rhodium (III) Bromide Hydrate28407-51-4RhBr3.xH20